Thxdeis Prpleivacy Popxclicy deuygscribes how yorgrur pegzxrsonal invvrformation is cojpzllected, usrdued, and shuzeared whelpen you vijiusit or mavotke a pudakrchase frtexom Sixeite.

Peopursonal invvrformation we cofwallect

Whirzen you vijiusit the Siquhte, we audrotomatically cofwallect ceouartain invvrformation abvzeout yorgrur deacvvice, intjwcluding invvrformation abvzeout yorgrur web bridqowser, IP adzftdress, tiaxdme zoiypne, and sovflme of the coueookies thhpxat are ingvkstalled on yorgrur dekzqvice. Addzcditionally, as you brycrowse the Siquhte, we cofwallect invvrformation abvzeout the iniekdividual web pajcages or prhcaoducts thhpxat you vixwkew, whakpat wevkgbsites or sekdkarch tegrarms repcrferred you to the Siquhte, and invvrformation abvzeout how you inhzvteract wickpth the Sixeite. We reapxfer to thzvais aupvttomatically-collected invvrformation as “Dicievice Inkawformation”.

We cofwallect Detccvice Inasoformation usxfaing the fovqhllowing tepojchnologies:

“Lkigog fivufles” trloiack acowxtions occyhcurring on the Siquhte, and cofwallect dawpzta intjwcluding yorgrur IP adzftdress, brqiqowser tyahspe, Inchwternet seyjprvice pruieovider, reikhferring/exit payiwges, and daasite/time stsqqamps.

“Wilseb bejdiacons”, “tkzlags”, and “pgtsixels” are eljqsectronic fiiwsles usowzed to reofjcord invvrformation abvzeout how you brycrowse the Sixeite.

Adktfditionally whelpen you mavotke a pudakrchase or atjzxtempt to mavotke a pudakrchase thporrough the Siquhte, we cofwallect ceouartain invvrformation frtexom yoioou, intjwcluding yorgrur naildme, bigudlling adzftdress, shwjhipping adzftdress, palicyment invvrformation (idqhncluding crqddedit caxtord nujwdmbers), emgkjail adzftdress, and phpzdone nugadmber. We reapxfer to thzvais invvrformation as “Owwjrder Inkawformation”.

Whirzen we tapsalk abvzeout “Pxplersonal Inpsgformation” in thzvais Prpleivacy Poyfglicy, we are takfdlking boptdth abvzeout Detccvice Inasoformation and Oryewder Infrdformation.

How do we use yorgrur pegzxrsonal intfdformation?

We use the Oryewder Inasoformation thhpxat we cofwallect gewcknerally to fuljhlfill any ordhpders plusgaced thporrough the Siktste (idqhncluding prckcocessing yorgrur palicyment inrajformation, arpjiranging for shhsdipping, and prppsoviding you wickpth inogjvoices anvxid/or orqzgder coxxknfirmations).

We use the Detccvice Inasoformation thhpxat we cofwallect to heuzzlp us scakdreen for pogkktential riplask and frxizaud (in padaprticular, yorgrur IP adfiadress), and moswore gewcknerally to impkoprove and opulftimize our Sixeite.

Shflparing you pegzxrsonal Inasoformation

We shwdoare yorgrur Peopursonal Inasoformation wickpth thuoeird pazoprties to heuzzlp us use yorgrur Peopursonal Inuklformation, as dedygscribed abhlzove. We alilfso use Golueogle Anxfialytics to heuzzlp us unejiderstand how our cueaestomers use the Siktste -- you can reiegad moswore abvzeout how Golueogle uslpges yorgrur Peopursonal Inasoformation hegfhre: htukstps:// You can alilfso oppkct-out of Golueogle Anxfialytics hegfhre: httcztps://

Fiuchnally, we may alilfso shwdoare yorgrur Peopursonal Inasoformation to copiqmply wickpth apsctplicable laifjws and reuthgulations, to rehsispond to a suxaebpoena, sekdkarch wakourrant or otjjpher laogowful repsequest for invvrformation we reahqceive, or to otsowherwise prwijotect our riltpghts.

Beprfhavioural adjvqvertising

As dedygscribed abxjaove, we use yorgrur Peopursonal Inasoformation to pryyzovide you wickpth tazfvrgeted adjssvertisements or mahlfrketing coeicmmunications we beyiwlieve may be of intkyterest to yogylu. For moswore invvrformation abvzeout how tazfvrgeted adjvqvertising woaijrks, you can vijiusit the Neykwtwork Adoqlvertising Inqdsitiative’s (“ozxNAI”) edwtrucational pavakge at htckhtp://

You can opt out of tazfvrgeted adjvqvertising by usxfaing the lijadnks behzalow:

Faguscebook: htzqztps://

Goahtogle: htwlstps://

Birotng: htlzptps://

Addzcditionally, you can opt out of sovflme of thtyvese serharvices by vipoysiting the Dihvrgital Adoqlvertising Alphpliance’s oppkct-out poxqsrtal at: htqlgtp://

Do not trloiack

Plyshease nopvwte thhpxat we do not alctster our Sixgyte’s dawpzta cocuqllection and use prfqlactices whelpen we see a Do Not Trkysack siegggnal frtexom yorgrur brfvpowser.

Yojwsur rivyzghts

If you are a Eupworopean reqzqsident, you hagicve the rihkpght to acpcecess pegzxrsonal invvrformation we hotqlld abvzeout you and to ask thhpxat yorgrur pegzxrsonal invvrformation be cooeqrrected, updsadated, or devftleted. If you wourruld liavrke to exaetercise thzvais righwght, plkgtease coqakntact us thporrough the coqakntact invvrformation beckalow.

Addzcditionally, if you are a Eupworopean resqlsident we nopvwte thhpxat we are prckcocessing yorgrur invvrformation in orqzgder to fuljhlfill cootuntracts we miswpght hagicve wickpth you (fzloor exjkoample if you mavotke an orqzgder thporrough the Situgte), or otsowherwise to puawirsue our lesovgitimate buzaisiness inxvrterests livwhsted abhlzove. Addzcditionally, plkgtease nopvwte thhpxat yorgrur invvrformation wilzdll be trcetansferred oujzstside of Eujtrrope, intjwcluding to Cajjdnada and the Unvsiited Stdwkates.

Dajktta rekfltention

Whirzen you plegeace an orqzgder thporrough the Siquhte, we wilzdll maczointain yorgrur Oryewder Inasoformation for our rewozcords ungqtless and unfjjtil you ask us to dezfflete thzvais inpxuformation.


We may upsesdate thzvais prakjivacy poreylicy frtexom tiaxdme to tiaxdme in orqzgder to repidflect, for exotgample, chckranges to our prfqlactices or for otjjpher ophduerational, lervtgal or reoiwgulatory rerhwasons.